Student Exchange Program

The school is committed to imbibe the culture of comradeship and appreciation of diverse cultures that exists in our country by offering opportunities to interact with other schools and students by way of exchange programs. Students are encouraged to participate in these exchange programmes which are conducted both within and outside the country.

The Palace School organized its second international students exchange program in February, 2017. 14 students along with their teachers- Mrs. Gaidick Gortina and Ms. Nathalie Bozec arrived at The Palace School with full enthusiasm. Four students(Isha Kothari, Priyanshi Agarwal, Dhanandini Bhatia, and Namah Kachwala) from The Palace School hosted eight visitors in their homes- Ines, Coline, Lisa, Tia, Marianne, Marion, Jules and Alban. As the students arrived they were welcomed with marigold garlands and traditional gifts in paper hampers made by Siddharth Kothari. A school round was made and then a quick round of The City Palace Museum. A joint cultural event showcased the rich and different traditions that was witnessed by parents too who took them home to partake of Rajasthani meals and hospitality. Attending class was a novel experience too as was the city tour which included the light ‘n sound show at Amer Fort.  At the end they expressed their fullest appreciation of our education style and spoke about the differences that existed between their school and ours. The event was managed by the students successfully and it gave them a working platform to showcase their talents.  Lycee Saint Louis has invited their Indian counterparts to their school in September,’17.


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