Transport will be available depending on the number of children from any particular area. Requests to change routes charted by the school will not be entertained. In case, the parent finds the route unsuitable they may make their own arrangements. Transport fee is levied keeping the budget and all overhead expenses in view and is the sole discretion of the management.

• A month’s notice in writing would be appreciated in case of withdrawal of school transport.

• The bus drivers are authorized to stop the bus only at the designated stops.

• The bus will not wait for late comers. Children must reach the boarding point before the bus/van arrives.

• In the interest of the security of your child, we request you to kindly have your child/ward escorted to and from the bus stop to your residence.

• School transport facility may be withdrawn if

      - there is persistent unruly behaviour or damages caused due to negligence and vandalism

      - there are repeated complaints of a student throwing objects/trash/food at the passersby or fellow passenger

      - non payment of transport fee.