Annual School Report 2016-17& 2017-18

Annual School Report 2016-17& 2017-18

Good evening everybody!!
I once again heartily welcome you all to the Annual Day Celebration of The Palace School.
I am indeed honoured to have this opportunity yet again to present before you the consistent upward graph of our school’s achievements and I would like to thank each one of you for being a significant part of this glorious journey.

The year 2016 commenced on a wonderful note when the results of our1st batch of Class XCBSE Board Examination came out.
All the students secured a first division with Ayushi Gupta securing a perfect score of 10 CGPA..
The year 2017 continued to bring euphoric news for us as the 2nd batch of Class X appeared for their Boards.
Arsal Sheikh, GunjanPayal, Hitesh Jain, Bhavya Sharma, VaibhavGolani, VipraBaid, YashviMohta, HimanshiKhanwani and Jeet Kothari secured a perfect 10 CGPA.
What is more commendable is that out of the 100 students in Jaipur who scored 10 CGPA without up-scaling, 5 are from our school !
Mansi Agarwal and MehakChandwaniscored 9.8 while Isha Kothari and Manasvi Bansal scored a high 9.6 CGPA. RaghavAgrawal and Rahul Bhagwanisecured 9.4 CGPA and SachiBadayasecured 9 CGPA.
Our students’ performance in various National And International Olympiads has always been exemplary.

Arnav Vyas ,PratyushPaul,DhairyaMakhija,  KashifRehman ,  Nishit Agarwal , Aryan Chaudhary,ParthBatwara ,SiddharthKothari ,YatinPatni And GunjanPayal .

IMO (2nd Level Achievers) are:
KovidSinghal who got 3rd zonal rank and 75thInternational Rank.
Siddharth Kothari secured 8thZonalrank  and  150th  International rank.

In International English Olympiad 2016-17,
Gold Medal of Excellence Winners areSaif Ur Rehman,ShinjiniHaldia,KovidSinghal,TanviTambi, AngadMisraandSankalp Kothari.
Bronze Medal of Excellencewas secured byEshanMor
School level Gold medal winners are :Aahana Singh ,GaurisaRathore andPavitraTambi,Nishit Agarwal ,Rakshita Gupta, SiddharthKothari ,Shubi Jain , VaibhavGolani , and  YashshwiNathawat.
IEO 2016-17 (2nd Level Achievers) :
Pratyush Paul secured 1st Zonal Rankas well as 1st International Rank
EshanMor secured 4th Zonal Rank and 27th International rank.
Saif Ur Rehmanand ShinjiniHaldia secured5th Zonal Rank, and 26th International Rank.
KovidSinghal secured 7th Zonal Rank, and 53rd International Rank whileAngadMisra secured 9th Zonal Rank and 90th International Rank.
Sankalp Kothari secured 10th zonal rank and GunjanPayal secured 3rdZonal  rank.

In National Science Olympiad 2016-17,
Siddharth Kothari got Gold Medal of Excellence for securing 16th Zonal Rank. 
At school level ,the  Gold Medal Winners are:
Ayanna Singh,AngadMisra, AakritiGolya,SanidhyaPatodia ,Aryan Chaudhary, Dev Goyal , Sankalp Kothari,Yash Mittal,HimanshiKhanwaniand Aditya Choraria.

The essence of “Digital India” lies in the knowledge of technology and its effective use. Our students have time and again proved to be very technology literate and savvy.

In National Cyber Olympiad 2016-17
Gold Medal of Excellence Winner isGUNJAN PAYAL
National Cyber Olympiad 2016-17 2nd Level achievers are
SiddharthKothari  andGunjanPayal. They both secured 9th zonal rank.
In International Informatics Olympiad 2016-17
Gold medals winners are :  Aryan Choudhary,HarshitaSaraf, Samarth Goyal,YatinPatni,Arsal Sheikh and Shrey Bhargava.

In IIO 2nd level our students secured the top 15 State Level Ranks as follows:
Samarth Goyal Secured the 3rd State Rank, Shrey Bhargava secured the 6th State Rank , Aditya Chorariasecured7thState Rank  , ChinmayaKhandelwal 9th, Harshil Agarwal 10th, Radhika Ramdevstood 11th , Rohit Sharma and Arsal Sheikh got the 13thState Rank And ShouryaAgrawalsecured the 15th State Rank.
International French Olympiad 2016-17 Achievers!
Out of the 50 Students who participated in the 6th “International French Language Olympiad (iFLO)” 28 made it to the top 500 at International Level.
AtikshGidwani, Sankalp Kothari, Siddharth Kothari, and VaibhavGolanimade it to the top 25 International ranks and attained the 1st State Rank as well.
KinshukKala ,Aayman Ahmed ,Harsh Gujrani and Radhika Agarwal also made it to the Top 25 at the International rank.

GREEN OLYMPIAD(2016-17) WINNERS  are VaibhavGolaniandShiviBadaya.

In the International Social Science Olympiad (2016-17) ,
The GOLD MEDAL WINNERSareDhairya Agarwal , YatinPatni andHimanshiKhanwani.
The Palace School ranked 7th at the National Levelin the International Tourism Olympiad 2016-17 .
The SCHOOL TOPPERis YashPatni andthe CLASS TOPPERS are :
AtharvKhandal,Anika Agarwal ,KavyaPoddar,AnshulChhajlani and YashviMohta.

The knowledge and accurate use of our national language Hindi is as imperative as the knowledge of foreign languages.
Winners of The AkhilBhartiya Hindi Olympiad held in (2016-17) are
Samarth Goyal ,EshanMor  and Dhairya Agarwal
In NFLAT(National Financial Literacy Assessment Test) 2016-17 Organized by National Center for Financial Education, the following students received merit certificates: Aayman Ahmed ,Aryan Choudhary, PracheetaMohta, Neev Rana ,AtharvaKhandal ,ShiviBadaya , DhruvBadaya ,KavyaPoddar, Samarth Goyal and Nirupal Bansal.

In the TOI Think & Learn" competition organized by The Times Of India, the school toppers  areSankalpKhotari and AishwaryaBadayaand they were awarded with a tab & a certificate of appreciation each.

Various other events where our students have made a mark for themselves are as follows:
In Auto Art competition,in which various artists and schools were invited to highlight the vibrancy of Rajasthan’s culture and heritage,our school bagged the 2nd place. The trophy was presented by MsVasundharaRajeji, Chief Minister of Rajasthan. She appreciated the creativity of the new age young artists The students are: KhushiSharma , Mansi Agarwal , Manasvi Bansal ,Isha Kothari , Siddharth Kothari ,Nawal Kishore Misra,Shruti Mehta , Shourya Agarwal, ShrutiBadaya ,Irtiqa Khan and Ram Chandra Temani .
In CARTIST,A unique festival which brings together artists of various genres & styles with an aim to inspire young creative minds,Siddharth Kotharifrom our school was selected as one of the top 5 artists at the festival and awarded  a cash prize and a certificate of excellence by "MrHimmat Shah" a well- known artist of India.
Siddharth’s art work was also showcased at the recently held Art Festival organized by Jaipur Kala Chaupal. He created collaborative artworks with six esteemed international artists. In their words, “Siddharth is an extraordinary little boy who has a way with the brush. His passion and creativity has given him the ability to focus on his art and to change the way the world sees him.”

At Filmit , a multi-cultural project that aims at nurturing cultural understanding, care and concern amongst school children through the exciting experience of making and sharing films, two short films made by our school team received accolades as Best movie with a message and Best Visions . The team comprised of Shreshth Agarwal, Sumit Khatri, Sahil Jain, Hameer Singh Rathore, Irtiqa Khan, Siddhi Agrawal, Mishthi Agrawal, Shruti Mehta, VaibhavGolani,SivantBindaland Aditya Kothari.

Albert Einstein said , “The whole of science is nothing else but a refinement of everyday thinking.” Our students with the apt guidance of their mentors fared very well at creating projects for Science Exhibitions at various levels.
At the 24th District level National Children Science Congress 2016,
The project “A little help to special ones- Task Analysis and Guiding System for Disabled Children”  made by our school team comprising of Suryansh Jain, VanshikaChoudhary, Pranav Ramrakhani and Hemraj Bhatiawas selected for State Level Science Congress
The Palace School secured the second position at the National level in the CBSE Science Exhibition: “Science, Technology and Mathematics for Nation Building”.
SuryanshJain was the proud recipient of a certificate issued by CBSE for his project on “Task analysis and Guiding system” for persons with disability.
The project – ‘a mobile app designed to help children with special needs with their daily activities’ was appreciated and highly praised by the judges. This unique app was selected amongst 30 exhibits .

We strive to make our students successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
As part of their grooming process the students take active participation, in Model United Nations, where they champion various political and social causes.
Fatima Kamal Islam and Yash Mittal along with the school Principal attended the first ever MUN session held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in 2016. The main agenda was to push for India’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council.
This agenda was taken forward in 2017 by Daksh Prajapati and MuskanSaraf who attended the MUN New York Chapter in the UN Headquarters once again.
The attendees spoke very well for the cause.
Our school propelled the cause forward through a massive signature campaign wherein more than 2000 students from all across Jaipur pledged their allegiance to the cause. The school also initiated the ‘I’ for India march which was flagged off by our Founder Princess Diya Kumari Ji who greatly appreciated the school’s pro-active role for a national cause at a global platform.

At the IIMUN Jaipur Chapter 2016,Shreshth Agarwal received an award for the Best Photographer.
Two of our students ,Ayushi Gupta and BhanuPratap Singh Nayyarwere incorporated as Executive Board members for the Conference.

At the JaipurMUN 2017 edition, 2 students from The Palace School were recognised for their valuable contribution. Shreshth Agarwal was awarded a cash prize along with a certificate of excellence for the best photographer in the International Press   and ChandaniMoolchandani was awarded certificate of excellence for the best campus ambassador.

Two of our students.AadrikaGajawat and PrachiGolecha have made us proud as their literary work of Poems got featured in an Anthology called “Applause” curated by Deepanshu Gupta. The book would soon be available on Amazon.

Games and sport is the very fabric of a student’s life. It holds them together, builds character and promotes team work.

In the sports arena too our stars have done remarkably well and outshone others at various events!!

We are indeed very glad and proud to announce that one of our students RupaliLahoti was selected to participate in "DOWNHILL ALPINE" -Discipline of F.I.R.S World Roller Games 2017 which was held in September  in Nanjing City of Republic of China.
She is the first player from Rajasthan to be a part of the National Team and was the youngest player to compete there.

Another remarkable feat achieved by our students: HAMEER SINGH RATHORE AND RITIK SHARMA participated in the SGFI Nationals 2017 Cricket Tournament in U-19 category. HAMEER SINGH RATHORE was declared as the team Captain.

The glorious account continues:
Hameer Singh Rathore Was Adjudged As The Best Batsman In U -19 District Cricket Championship. He Also Got Selected In the Challenger Trophy U 19
And Challenger Trophy U 23 Organized By BCCI for Rajasthan Team.

Ritik Sharma Got Selected In State Cricket Championship U- 19 Category, TilakKatta Got Selected In The SGFI State Cricket Championship U -14 Category And Pranav Chitlangiya Got Selected In The Basketball Open State Championship U -17 Category.

At the 1st Jaipur Roller Skating District Championshipthat was held in April 2017, at The Palace School approximately 500 students from various schools of Jaipur participated.
Gold medal winners are:
AnanyaMachiwal and Mizan Siddiqui
Silver medal winners are:
Nishkarsh Gupta, and Sufi Mariyam
And Bronze medal winners are:
Mohd. Saad Ali Khan,SimraFatima,IrtiqaKhan,RupaliLahoti,DeepakHemlani and Mariya Abdul.

At the Jaipur District Skating Championship,
Niskarsh Gupta bagged the Gold Medal ,RupaliLahoti bagged the silver medal.
Mizan Siddiqui bagged the gold medal in road race, RupaliLahoti got silver and Nishkarsh Gupta bagged the bronze medal in the same event.


In the Sahodaya Inter School Swimming Competition 2016 ,our School got third place in under-19 category in the event 4×50 meters free style relay.
AmikshTemani, Isha Kothari, Palak Agrawal and SuchitraShekhawat secured 3rd place in individual swimming events.

ShreyBhargava  won silver medal in CHESS at Janki Devi Public School and a gold medal in chess in the U-18 category in PIE Olympics organised by Patrika In Education (PIE) in 2016-17 and a bronze medal in 2017-18 .
He competed against 350 participants from various schools of Jaipur.
Our students also bagged the bronze medal in Tug of War at PIE Olympics 17-18.The team is as follows: Yadunandan Singh Bhati, Akees Uddin, AmikshTemani, HarshitJalan, BhanuPratap Singh Nayyar, Siddharth Chakraborty, Saurabh Sharma, Sayed Amaan Ur Rehman and Gaurav Dewnani.

Dushyant Singh Rathore from our school secured a gold medal in the children show jumping group II at the Chinkara Horse Show (2017), Regional Equestrian League (REL) .
Srishti Bajaj secured a silver medal in Basketball in District level event “Khelo India” .

In Inter school competitionstoo , our school students always put their best foot forward and have brought laurels to the school.

ManshaBargotiand HansikaSarafgot first prize in Terracotacraft;
Arihant Kothari and Aditya Singh Gajawat got second prize in Electronic Presentation competition at Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School.
Radhika Ramdev and Irtiqa Khansecured 1st place in Caricature making competition at Rukmani Birla High School .
Mansi Saraf secured first position and AnoushkaPoddar got second position in badge making competition at Ryan International School.
Even our budding talents from pre-primary are not far behind..
VatsalBhimsariyastood second in fancy dress competition. 
Divyanshi Goyal and DityaJhalanistood first and second respectively in collage making competition, at Ryan festival.
HeerNebhnanibagged a trophy titled PAT ON THE BACK in an Inter School Dance competition held at Subodh Public School

Aditya Garg got 1st prize in Origami and KonarkMathur got 4th prize in Poster Making Competition at Jayshree Periwal High School .

Subhan Khan got 1st prize in Folk Art; AngadMisra, Dhairya Agarwal secured 2nd Runners Up position in Role Play; Arshiya Jain, GirikshitSharma ,GavishVijayvargiya and ParidhiNatanisecured 2nd Runners Up position in Story Telling at Neerja Modi School.

In another Inter school competition, held at Neerja Modi School ,
Sahil Jain stood 2nd in Stand Up comedy ,Isha Kothari and Siddharth Kothari stood 3rd in Mandana art and Our school Instrumental Music Team comprising of RitwikChandwani , Harsh Golani , AviralKhandelwal,Ani Agarwal ,Siddharth Kothari ,Sankalp Kothari , HarshVardhan Gupta  and Dev Sonkhiya stood 3rd in the competition !

Mansi Agarwal and Siddharth Kothari bagged the 1st position in Best Out Of Waste Theme (‘Home Decor') at St Angela Sophia School.

In an Inter- school Fable Enactment competition held at JayshreePeriwal School, our school team bagged the third position.
Participants were as follows:
Anvi Agarwal ,  Arnav Pareek , HeerNebhnani , and KonarkMathur .

AmishiGarg ,Utkarsh Singh and ShoryaGuptasecured the 4th position in an Inter school skit competition held at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya.

A consolation prize was won by Aditya Ratra,AviralKhandelwal ,Mohd. Ayaan Khan,EareshAgrawal ,Lakshya Agrawal and DevSonkhiya for showcasing a skit about our Freedom struggle , at a competition held at  JayshreePeriwal High School.
PehalDevnani of our school represented the school in the All for kids Inter - school Elocution competition held at the Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School. She was awarded as the little star performer.
The students of The Palace School stood 1stin an online Poster Designing competition and 2nd in School Magazine Cover Page designing competition in an Inter- school event organized by Subodh Public School.
The winners are :Radhika Ramdev and Isha Kothari and Ani Agarwal and Samarth Goyal respectively.

The school organized its second international students exchange program in February, 2017 welcoming students and teachers from France.
As part of the same cultural exchange our students would be travelling to France in April 2018 and will also be attending an International students’ fair.

Keeping in mind the holistic development of our students, we have always worked towards giving them ample opportunity to inculcate all the life skills needed to be successful in today’s world.
With this I seek God’s blessings for each one of us, to keep accomplishing new heights of success.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Princess Diya Kumari Ji for her constant guidance and support at every step of the way. She has truly been the pillar of strength and our motivating force to be better day by day.

I end my report with these famous lines by John Dewey ,
“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.”

Thank You!!