Senior Section

Applications are invited for Provisional Admission in Class XI of The Palace School in Science, Commerce & Humanities. Following subject combinations are offered at Senior Secondary level (10+ 2) in the year 2018-2019.


Eligibility criteria:



Minimum percentage required in Class X


Science Stream (Non Medical & Medical Group)

Maths - 71% & above

Science - 71% & above


Commerce with Maths

Maths - 71% & above


Commerce without Maths

with Economics- 60% and above

without Economics- 51% and above


Humanities with Maths

Maths - 60% and above



Compulsory Subject

Elective Subjects

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4


English Core (301)

Physics (042)

Chemistry (043)

Biology (044)/ Mathematics (041) /

*French (118)/ Informatics Practices (065)/  Painting (049) / Entrepreneurship (066) (any one) 

Physical Education (048)/  *Multimedia & Web Technology (067)/  Psychology (037) /   Economics (030

 (any one) 


English Core (301)

Political Science (028)

History (027) / Psychology (037)        (any one)


English Core (301)

Business Studies (054)

Accountancy (055)


Note :

1.The school reserves the right to make amendments in the above mentioned clauses / criteria keeping in view the result of the students in Class X.

2.For the Provisional Admission to class XI, the eligibility criteria will be based on the SA2 result of class IX and result of class X.

3.Those who have studied in French in class IX and X are eligible to take French in class XI.

4.If there are less than 5 students in a group, the school reserves the right to shift the student to a different subject.

Apply in the prescribed format along with photocopy of Class IX & X Report Cards and testimonials of co-curricular activities.

Confirmed admission will be given on the basis of CBSE result or mark sheet of Class X from other Boards.

The decision of the selection committee with regard to admission will be final and binding.