“The whole of science in nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.”
-Albert Einstein

Science is the perfect subject to complement a child’s natural curiosity.

We aim to teach the subject with a purpose-

  • purpose to engage the students’ curiosity.
  • purpose to provide practical tools for understanding everyday life
  • purpose to advance critical thinking problem solving and creativity in early learners.

The traditional teaching coupled with hands on trying of concepts by way of experiments and simulation techniques with the aid of smart boards leave an everlasting impression on the eager learners.

Various field trips to places of scientific interest such as a milk factory, paper factory, printing press, planetarium, observatory etc. help ours students grasp the complex yet intriguing processes in a better way.

Robotics – a field which can be best described as an amalgamation of science and mathematics serves as an additional trigger to ignite our students’ cognitive growth, logic and reasoning.