A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language.
-W. H. Auden

Children express themselves using their skills in a language of their choice. This expression can be verbal or written. Teaching, nurturing and enhancing the ability to appreciate the medium of expression, be it any language is the prime motive behind teaching any language.
English and Hindi with a choice of third language for the students of classes VI to VIII is compulsorily taught in the school. The choice of third language is between Sanskrit and French.
Learning any language is a continuous never ending process and hence a basket of language based activities, viz ; debates, quiz, extempore, skits, spellathons etc. is offered to the students all round the year. Students are encouraged to contribute articles including poems, short stories, and slogans for the yearly school magazine in any language taught in the school.

A well equipped language lab is a welcome break from the routine classroom studies.

The depth and beauty of literature and grammar rules of both English and Hindi language are taught right from class I onwards.
As a subject, English is crucial for children to learn. For young children, learning English as soon as possible helps them with reading, which in turn helps them in every other subject and in their communication skills. For older children, possessing proper English skills enables them to understand more complex literary pieces and to write effectively. Empowering children with proper English skills helps them go farther in life and achieve more.
The language Hindi is also taught with an equal passion and a child’s native ability to grasp the language is nurtured at every step of the way and his skills refined through a well planned activities calendar.